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The Vision, Purpose and Mission of Aviation Missions, Inc.
         Our foremost ​​priority is to glorify God as we, in dependence upon God, accomplish the ministry entrusted to us by God, providing support for and taking care of our missionaries while growing and preparing the next generation of missionaries.

        The vision of Aviation Missions, Inc. is to provide a structure whereby missionaries can be better served and supported through missionary, commercial and private aviation resources and to provide a support system in which missionaries will desire to participate and serve as a ministry multiplier in fulfilling the Great Commission.
        Our vision is that each missionary has access to the aviation support and services necessary to sustain life and limb in emergency situations and that are necessary to propagate the gospel in routine and special operations; and each missionary has the opportunity to prepare for and succeed in contingency situations.
        The purpose of AMI is to serve our Lord and His Church worldwide by:
  • coordinating aviation services to redeem the time and conserve our missionary resources; 
  • assisting missionaries and churches to prepare for and conduct contingency operations;
  • equipping missionaries to go and minister safely where it is more dangerous.

        The mission of the Church was issued by Christ before His ascension: "Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." To accomplish that mission, the mission of AMI is to coordinate and facilitate safe, efficient and timely operations to improve and protect the health and wellbeing of our missionary families engaged in worldwide missions through staff assistance, education and outreach. AMI will provide the coordination, facilitation, and communication necessary to support missionary and commercial aviation services to respond in emergency situations and meet operational needs; and to provide the training and resources necessary to help missionaries prepare for and conduct contingency operations.


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