AMI may not agree with all of the content of the following articles, but is providing them as possibly helpful resources.
Are You Ready?    Detailed suggestions about your emergency planning. This is a MUST-READ for every missionary and sending church pastor.

Are You Ready - Part 2   Additional information about vital tools for your emergency planning.

Crisis Planning ("Go Bag")  Article and Checklist: Helpful suggestions for a missionary emergency "go bag". Includes a checklist form.

Why Our Ministry is Important  An article giving some real life examples of the need for his ministry.

Bible Reading Program:  This link will take you to where you can customize a daily Bible reading plan. You can read the Bible through in chronological order rather than canonical order or historical order. You will be required to register and sign in at the site.

Praying for Missionaries:  Workers on far-flung mission fields desperately need your prayers. Here is advice to help you become a true prayer warrior for missions.

Eight Steps to Missions: A short article for those considering going to the missions field.

New Men, not New Methods: An article edited and adapted from "Victorious Christian Living" by Alan Redpath, and other sources.

Foreign Missions and the Successful Christian Life: This article is a chapter from R. A. Torrey's book, How to Succeed in the Christian Life.

"Our Blood, His Blood" 
An excerpt from the book on the blood of Jesus.

Seven Days of Praying for Your Missionaries :  Suggestions for how to pray for your missionaries daily.

ABCs of Praying for Your Missionaries :  A memory aid for critical prayer needs of your missionaries.