We Believe:

  • The inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture.
  • The Deity of Jesus Christ.
  • The virgin birth of Jesus Christ.
  • The substitutionary, atoning work of Christ upon the Cross.
  • The physical resurrection and personal, bodily return of Jesus Christ to the Earth.

We believe in the supreme authority of the Word of God as the final rule in faith and practice; the autonomy of the local New Testament Church; the priesthood of all believers; the ordinances of believer's baptism by immersion and the Lord's Supper; individual freedom and responsibility; a saved Church membership; two offices in the Church of pastors and deacons; and the separation of Church and State.

As a group of New Testament Bible believers, we take our stand against the current trends that lead to discrediting the Bible and undermining the fundamentals of the faith. AMI takes a separatist stand against neo-evangelicalism, the ecumenical movement, the Evangelical and Catholic Accord, the modern tongues movement, the Word of Faith movement, and neo-fundamentalism.

An expanded doctrinal statement of AMI and Southwest Baptist Church, Oklahoma City, is available here  as part of the ministry information packet.


     We at AMI:

  1. Are committed to Christ for all that to which He is committed in us -- exclusively -- at all times, and in all circumstances.
  2. Are available to Christ twenty-four hours a day, with all we have and all we are.
  3. Accept the privilege of sacrificial giving, because all we possess is Christ’s; we are to be faithful stewards.
  4. Are debtors to all men everywhere, young and old alike, rich or poor, who have not yet heard that Jesus Christ died and rose again to save them.
  5. Are in full time service of the Lord Jesus Christ, regardless of occupation.
  6. Seek through faith, prayer, and obedience to our Lord to be found actively "on the job" at His Personal Appearing, which we joyfully expect.
  7. Study our Bible daily, pray always, and give thanks for all things to God the Father in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
  8. Will at all times maintain a proper focus -- "Looking unto Jesus."
  9. Shall live by faith.
  10. Seek only and always to do those things that please our Lord.