Dr. Paul McCaulley and his wife, Anita, met while serving together in the United States Army. After returning from a tour of duty in the Republic of Viet Nam where he flew UH-1 helicopters, Dr. McCaulley was stationed at Fort Eustis, VA. After receiving her RN from Hackley School of nursing in Muskegon, MI, Anita was stationed at the Army hospital on Fort Eustis. They were married in July of 1969 and 45 days later were both deployed to Viet Nam where Anita was a nurse in an Army evacuation hospital and he flew helicopters for another year.

After returning to the States, Anita left active duty to be a full time mother and raise a family at home. They have two children and seven grandchildren.

Dr. McCaulley retired from the US Army in 1987 after a 22 year career as a pilot, staff officer, commanding officer, and liaison officer. During his career as an Army officer, he held a variety of positions with a wide range of responsibilities that included: helicopter flight leader and aircraft commander in combat during the Viet Nam war for two years; command and staff positions, including operations and training; liaison between the US Air Force and US Army on a major surveillance platform; and is a graduate of the Army's Command and General Staff College.

Dr. McCaulley is the founder and President of Aviation Missions, Inc. (AMI), a missionary help and assistance ministry that provides advice, consultation, and referral services to missionaries, sending churches, and families of deployed missionaries. AMI: conducts basic training seminars for veteran missionaries,  missionary candidates, mission organizations, churches, and Bible colleges; and consults with organizations and individuals on subjects relating to missionary security and evacuation/extraction planning. In addition to
his responsibilities with AMI, Dr. McCaulley is a member of a network of missionary organizations security professionals; a member of the US State Department Overseas Security and Advisory Council working group of Faith Based Organizations; and a member of the International Association of Missionary Aviation (IAMA).

Dr. McCaulley has preached across the country in missions conferences and special meetings with emphasis on worldwide missions. He has provided advice and consultation in crisis and emergency situations to dozens of missionaries and their families around the world.

Dr. McCaulley earned a Bachelor's degree in Professional Aeronautics from Embry Riddle University; Masters' degrees in both Biblical Studies and Theological Studies and a Doctorate in Theological Studies from Bethany Theological Seminary in Alabama. He has written a book on the blood of Christ and a booklet on neo-fundamentalism. He has also published several articles on preparedness for missionaries and churches.

Dr. McCaulley and his wife, Anita, call Oklahoma City, OK home base.

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