A crisis or emergency can strike anyone, anytime, anywhere -- adversely affecting a missionary’s ministry and turning life into a nightmare. In many situations, time is of the essence and immediate action is necessary to save life or limb. If you have not put in place a crisis management plan before the incident, it is too late. Then is not the time to try to raise the needed funds or ask whom to call. Preparation and planning in advance by pastors, church members, and missionaries  is a must. 

As the pastor of a sending or supporting church, one of your responsibilities is crisis management planning and preparation.
As a missionary, you are responsible for planning and preparedness for your team. 

Do you have a written crisis management plan? Have the members of the crisis management team been identified and trained?

Who makes the decision to evacuate?

What criteria is used to make that decision?

How will that decision be communicated?

Are you ready?

Contingency planning is ignored in far too many ministries. The day-to-day burdens of ministry are demanding, and the probability of a significant event that will disrupt the ministry or endanger the lives of the members seems so small; therefore, time and resources are not allocated to consider and prepare the necessary plans.

Failure to plan - or failure to plan properly - may cost the lives of team members and adversely affect the long term mission of the church.

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