​It is my privilege to recommend Paul and Anita McCaulley and their work in Aviation Missions Inc. I have been blessed to know the McCaulleys since 2003. They have demonstrated a heart for the Lord and the work of the local church. We are thankful to serve as their sending church.

The need for Aviation Missions Inc. is evident in the number of missionaries and their families who have been assisted by this ministry. When a missionary needs to be evacuated, it is imperative that we are able to swiftly and efficiently meet that need. God has blessed Bro. McCaulley with the contacts and resources necessary to make that happen.

Bro. McCaulley is also available to conduct training for pastors and missionaries to help them develop an emergency plan. He has assisted some of our own sent missionaries to be equipped in this way. We include his information in our annual missions conference to each missionary in attendance. I believe you will find his material informative and relevant to the work you are endeavoring to accomplish in world missions.
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My purpose in writing is to testify to the character, integrity, and spirituality of Brother McCaulley. I have been his pastor for the past 10 years and know him to be a godly and genuine Christian. He is definitely a serious student of the Word of God. He and his wife, Anita, have raised two godly children, now adults.

 Brother McCaulley’s burden and calling is to use his military background in aviation to be a blessing and help in this world of unrest and instability to Independent Baptist missionaries in situations of personal emergency and distress. In the past three years, much has come to light that enables AMI to be far more productive and to help in a broader range of situations. Brother McCaulley is very effective in communicating the “nuts and bolts” of the ministry.

 My only request is that you be so thoughtful as to give Brother McCaulley a hearing.
In January of 2005, my brother Missionary Bob Patterson in Mexico, fell from the roof of their home. Multiple fractures in both legs made it impossible to fly him out commercially. His wife Evelyn and missionary son Nathan asked for help. I called Pastor Roger Green who suggested I contact Brother McCaulley.

Immediately Brother McCaulley began contacting his network of pilot friends to find someone that could meet the special needs Bob's injuries required. He had to travel in a stretcher from Mexico to Dallas. The services rendered by Aviation Missions, Inc. were nothing short of miraculous.
We as the Patterson family will be forever indebted to Brother McCaulley and his wonderful organization.

 Dr. Mike Patterson, President, Mount Abarim Baptist Mission International
Climbing a ladder, my Dad, Missionary Bob Patterson, took a terrible fall which crushed his legs.  We had to evacuate him from Guerrero, Mexico, but how?!?!  Regular airlines denied accommodating; special flights were really expensive.  God's grace through Aviation Missions blessed us enormously by flying my Dad up to Dallas Texas.  My family and I are very grateful to God for orchestrating Dad's flight out.  I thank you Bro. McCaulley and all who participated.  Dad soon went on to Heaven after a short time in the USA with family.  Hallelujah!

Missionary Nathan Patterson
To record all life changing events of March 18th 2007, never would fit in this space. That day changed the rest of my life. Returning from lunch on that Sunday afternoon, our mission team had no idea that around the next curve, a drunk driver would be out of control, and hit us head on. For nearly two hours the police labored to remove me from the mangled metal. The National Hospital, in the capital city of Praia, Cape Verde, West Africa, did what they could to make me comfortable, with 22 broken bones and the talk of amputation, our situation seemed hopeless. When Aviation Missions, and Director Paul McCaulley learned of the accident, they immediately offered their assistance. With care, constant communication and Christian professionalism they literally orchestrated the impossible. Our family and ministry are forever indebted to these choice servants of God.

Dr. Paul Pritchard, Director, Preach Evangelistic Ministries
The phone rings and on the other end is a cry of emergency and help. A missionary finds themselves in a crisis of a getting sick, injured or wounded family member out of their country into the hands of a competent medical team that can meet the need of their loved one. Doing this is what God has called Bro. Paul McCaulley to do. I have had to use him several times under these circumstances and he has accomplished it in a most marvelous way. You would be doing yourself and your missionary family a great advantage by including Bro. McCaulley’s ministry to your own.

Dr. Roger Green
Grace Baptist Church
Middletown, OH
Brother Paul McCaulley's ministry is the greatest blessing today's missionary can possess. The ability to be flown out of a country under dire circumstances, or with serious injury to the missionary or his family is incredible! The work and organization to put all of this together has clearly been of the Lord. Brother McCaulley has a personal relationship to the Lord, is a great author, and has a clean testimony.  This ministry alone enables a missionary to serve on a field where he may have been hesitant to take his family.

As a pastor, I was one of the first to enroll my family stateside in the Med Jet Assist program last year before our trip to Israel. We could travel with confidence, knowing that medical evacuation was available if necessary.

 If you are a pastor, your Church needs to provide support for this unique ministry. If you have sent a missionary out from your Church, it is an absolute must to provide protection as a sending Church. How would you ever pay for medical evacuation in an emergency? Check your insurance. You could not provide what this ministry can do for the Lord's work.  I highly recommend Brother McCaulley and this ministry!

 Pastor David J. Brown, Yakima Bible Baptist Church, Yakima, WA 
Can you imagine waking up and finding your three year old daughter limp with sickness and burning with fever. You are more than 3 hours by car to a remote hospital that is at the best third world. If blood supplies are needed or any kind of intravenous support is required, it will likely require use of a contaminated needle. Hours will determine if the little blond headed joy of your life is to survive. No big city hospital is available. No clean hospital room or sterile equipment is available. What can be done. It would take an airplane to get this little girl to safety.

This scenario is not made up but real. In response to this and other urgent situations, Aviation Missions under the direction of Paul McCaulley has been and is ready to bring missionaries and their children to safety when no one else can or will.

I heartily recommend this ministry to all. Paul is a man of great character and compassion. God is using his ministry to help those who would have no way to get emergency help. He has done this by networking around the world to provide airplanes and air support in emergencies. He is worthy of your support.

Dr. Bruce E. Turner